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Javier Félix  "Civilizado IV", 1999

Javier Félix "Civilizado IV", 1999


Javier Félix

"Civilizado IV", 1999

Oil on amate paper

20 x 30 CM







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    Javier Félix (b. 1976, Colombia) Javier Félix is a Colombian artist, born in Bogotá in 1976, lives and works in Valencia, Spain. His work creates seamless transits between sculptural and graphic dimensions, relating -in many cases- digital and traditional techniques. His visual and conceptual concerns focus on the human body as "network" of forces and experiences: as a territorial transparency where Myth and Science are intertwined.

    His art has iconic references to world philosophy, alchemy and modern art movements. His mixed media and "Digital Codices" are the playground where allegories and anachronistic iconography are playfully put into tension. In his work, the classic and the modern avant-garde, the pre-columbian art and digital "techniques", are often contrasted, exalted and dramatized while gravitating around questions about time, art history and the relativity of aesthetics. “Being in the world”, "ageing", "spiritual life", "existencialism", "colonialism (primitive vs. civilized)" and "bodily material finitude", are reiterative concepts often found on his Artwork.

    His work has been shown in several countries in solo and group exhibitions.

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