Cruzeiro Seixas, Crazy mirrors


Cruzeiro Seixas        

Colage and tempera on paper    

27x35 cm    





Location: Portugal



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    Cruzeiro Seixas (B. 1920, Portugal) Cruzeiro Seixas was born in 1920 in Amadora, in Portugal. Attended the António Arroio Secondary School, in Lisbon. In 1948 joins “The Surrealists” with Mário Cesariny, Pedro Oom, Henrique Risques Pereira, António Maria Lisboa, Mário Henrique Leiria, Fernando José Francisco, Fernando Alves dos Santos and Carlos Calvet.

    In the 1950s, leaves Portugal towards Africa settling in Angola. With the step of the colonial war abandons Africa and returns to Portugal where he produced several illustrations for newspapers. In 1969, integrates, with Mário Cesariny, the International Surrealist exhibition in the Netherlands and during the 1970s show his work in collective exhibitions of the International Surrealist Movement, especially those related to the Anti-Group which he had joined.

    In the following decades, after cutting ties with Cesariny, the artist moves away from the commercial and institutional art circuits. Fixes in Algarve and continues to present his work in solo and group exhibitions. In 2019, Perve Galeria presented “The Surrealists” Cycle with four exhibitions in different buildings in Lisbon, one of them in honour of Cruzeiro Seixas, called “To Construct the Perfect Nothing”.

    Original works carried out between 1941 and 2006 were presented. This year, his work is continuosly displayed at Perve Galeria and Freedom's House - Mário Cesariny.

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