Figueiredo Sobral Untitled, 1976


Figueiredo Sobral

Untitled    1976

Gouache on cardboard    

35 x 35 cm    





Location: Portugal



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    Figueiredo Sobral (1926-2010, Portugal)

    José Maria Figueiredo Sobral was born in Lisbon in 1926. He studied graphic arts at António Arroio Secondary School, with Lino António, Paula Campos and Rodrigues Alves. His first paintings were first publicly exhibited at the General Exhibitions of Fine Arts, in the National Society of Fine Arts, in Lisbon, immediately after the Second World War in the 1940s.

    He informally joined the Portuguese surrealist group, formed by António Maria Lisboa, Mário Cesariny and Cruzeiro Seixas, among other artists. Until the end of the 1950's, Figueiredo Sobral worked in creative advertising and graphic illustration. He also wrote poetry and theatre, and worked as a designer. He was a critic of the portuguese dictatorial regime, having been detained several times for political reasons. He resumed his work in sculpture in the 1960s, and then in ceramics. In 1970 he began collaborating in the manufacture of tapestries with the Portalegre Tapestries Factory.

    In 1975 he moved to Americana, São Paulo, where he created a sculpture for the entrance to the city at the invitation of the former Mayor, Ralph Biasi. Figueiredo Sobral was deceased on August 13, 2010, in Lisbon, at the age of 85. His monumental sculptures and wall paintings are installed in urban public spaces in Brazil and Portugal. His work has been included, since 2014, in the Lusophonies Collection of Perve Galeria, and was shown in that context at the 1st Art Biennial of Vila Nova de Gaia and in 2019 in Turkey, at Istanbul and Ankara, among other locations.

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