Henry Hussey  ‘Buried’ series (4), 2020

Henry Hussey ‘Buried’ series (4), 2020


Henry Hussey

‘Buried’ series (4), 2020

Oil-Based Monotype on

Paper, 30 x 28 cm






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     Hussey is a British artist born in London in 1990 where he still resides. His artworks are  emotionally raw, created primarily through the paradoxically laboured and intricate  mediums. His textiles utilise a collage technique of embroidery, appliqué, digital printing,  and silkscreening He often uses vintage fabrics that imbue his artworks with a physical and symbolic weight, weaving history into his works.

    Hussey draws inspiration, particularly in his word based pieces, from historical union banners akin to those used during the British miners’ strikes, for their palpable conviction and guttural impact. Whether through an expanding vocabulary of quasi-mythological symbols, or embroidered lines of text extracted from weighted performative situations, he explores both personal, national and universal identity, often in response to aggravating relationships and events. The dramatic and intense impression created by these works is heightened by a vibrant and bold palette, which is used to both reinforce its narrative as well as underline the labour-intensive aspect of his practice.

    The resultant larger-than-life scale artworks have a commanding presence, both reverential and awe-inspiring. Further developments have ensued with other materials including glass, bronze and monoprint revealing a deeper concern with control and chaos and the sweet spot in between these two distinctive states.

    Hussey studied Textiles at Chelsea College of Art before completing an MA in Textiles at the Royal College of Art. His work is widely respected and has been exhibited in notable exhibitions including The Textiel Biennale 2017 at Museum Rijswijk in the Hague, a solo presentation at Art Central in Hong Kong, the Bloomberg New Contemporaries in 2014 at the Institute of Contemporary Art in London, the Royal Academy London and Volta New York and the Young Talent Contemporary Prize at the Ingram Collection in 2016. Hussey has participated in residencies at La Vallonea, Tuscany, Italy in 2018 and will participate in a residency at Palazzo Monti, Milan in 2020. His work is held in collections worldwide including Simmons & Simmons, Hogan Lovells, The Groucho Club and Soho House.

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