Ingrid Barber, The Covid Series 4: If Walls Could Speak, 2020


Ingrid Barber, The Covid Series 4: If Walls Could Speak, 2020

Ink on paper with photo transfer
45 x 75cm


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    Ingrid Barber



    An artist and maker, Ingrid is creating weekly drawings as a response to the covid lockdown. She has put the focus of her recent works on the surreal, fantasy, repetition and absurdity. The thread of the narrative conversation is a constant in her work.



    Recently commended by Red Line Artwork for producing art that engages with global concerns, Ingrid’s creative process begins with exploratory work in collage, leading to ink drawings, often large-scale, and the final outcome is a canvas oil painting.


    Regularly showing in UK and Europe, Ingrid’s large oil, ‘Afternoon Tea at the RAC Club’ was exhibited at Hauser&Wirth, Black Swan Open in Somerset in 2019. In the same year a large scale ink drawing “Cheese on the door, where’s my stew?” was featured at the Mall Gallery, at the Royal Society of British Artists exhibition. Her ink drawing ‘After the Berlin Holocaust Memorial’ was shown at Landmark Arts and her depiction of the Battle of Waterloo, a large mixed media work featuring lead toy soldiers and earth from the battleground, was shown at the Fine Art Society.



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