Ivan Villalobos,  Good Hearted Woman; 2019

Ivan Villalobos, Good Hearted Woman; 2019


Ivan Villalobos  

Good Hearted Woman, 2019

Mixed media, ballpoint pen with acrylic, on acid-free passepartout and 40% uv sealant 

58 x 68 cm





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    Ivan Villalobos (b. 1975, Chile) Born in 1975, in Chile, Ivan Veliz Villalobos studied advertising and graphics drawing before embracing art.

    For more than 10 years, art and framing has been his main professional activity. He is the founder of Taller República, a multipurpose space located in Providencia (Chile) devoted to the world of framing, exhibitions, and sale of art, and represents the second branch of art in which he has been showing his creativity. Taller República features paintings made by the author himself, by neighbors, emerging young people and recognized artists such as Nemesio Antúnez, Mario Toral and Alejandro Balbontín.

    Regarding his own artistic creation, the unconscious is a driving force of his painting, full of a rich imagery where everything is in constant and continuous transformation. Recently, Perve Galeria exhibited his work at London Art Fair.

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