Javier Félix Self portrait III, 1999


Javier Félix

Self portrait III, 1999

Oil on amate paper

20 x 30 CM




Location: Colombia



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    Teresa Balté (b. 1942, Portugal) Teresa Balté was born in Lisbon, in 1942.

    Painting discontinuously, she participated in collective exhibitions and displayed individually in Lisbon in 1986, 1988 and 1992 in different spaces. In 2018, the poet and artist had a very successful Anthological Exhibition at Perve Galeria and this year, 2020, she will be the first portuguese woman to have her work displayed at Frieze Masters in a solo exhibiton.

    She studied German Philology and Philosophy in Lisbon and Hamburg; Comparative Literature in Chicago; and Music in Lisbon with Francine Benoit. She worked as a translator and a copywriter for “Humboldt” magazine; made musical criticism for the “Diário de Lisboa” and the “Jornal do Comércio”; and organized refugee support actions. In 1977-1978, she collaborated with the Institute of Geographical Studies of the Universidade de Lisboa; in 1979, she was a reader of Portuguese at ELTE in Budapest; in 1980-2005, she taught in the Department of German Studies of the Universidade Nova de Lisboa. She translated German (Büchner, Brecht, Erich Fried, Günter Kunert, etc.) and Hungarian (Ady, Attila József, Radnóti, etc.) authors.

    She published poetry such as Jogos (Lisbon 1962); Estações (Lisbon 1967); Metamorfoses (O Oiro do Dia, Porto 1980); Mediações (Contexto, Lisbon 1983); Poemas dos Últimos Anos (D. Quixote, Lisbon 1990); Poesia Quase Toda (Asa, Porto 2004); and the stories for children: A Abelha Zulmira (Asa, Porto 1979) and O País Azul (Porto Editora, Porto 1990). Author of the volume Hein Semke. Published, with the sculptor Hein Semke, O Livro dos Peixes ou O Aquário de Papel (Hugin, Lisbon 1997).


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