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Shang Chengxiang  Self-Direction No.3  2019

Shang Chengxiang Self-Direction No.3 2019


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Shang Chengxiang

Self-Direction No.3


Silkscreen print on acid free Somerset paper

Ed of 88

H 64 x 90 cm (Image)

H 76 x 112 cm (paper)

GBP 1100


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    Enquire Here with Art Labor

    Shang was born in Shenyang in 1985 and graduated from Oil Painting Department of Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts in 2008. He has been working as a professional artist since, and has been exhibiting in solo and group exhibitions at home and abroad. His important collections including DSL Collection (France), Blue Roof Museum of Chengdu, American Consulate in Shenyang and Suzhou Jinji Lake Art Museum.


    Partially inspired by the Surrealist master René Magritte, Shang’s works are influenced by this style yet remain true to his own unique presentation, palette and subject. Shang usually produces several different series of works simultaneously, with dreams and dream states a major source of ideas. His imagery wavers between this world of pure imagination, and reality. Meanings are hidden within these seemingly peculiar and fantastic scenes, waiting for the audience to interpret and decode.


    As Shang explains, “I enjoy creating an atmosphere of suspense. I believe this feeling of suspense motivates us to think and ponder. Through this process, we can discover all sort of hidden potentials.”

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