Zhang Wenzhi  Sketch of Dalny No.2  2017

Zhang Wenzhi Sketch of Dalny No.2 2017


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Zhang Wenzhi

Sketch of Dalny No.2


Ink on rice paper

H 40 x 23 cm (painting)

H 47.5 x 30.7 x 4 cm (framed size)

GBP 480

Chop signed


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    Emerging Chinese artist Zhang Wenzhi graduated from the Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA) in Beijing with an MFA degree in 2018.


    Zhang Wenzhi’s artistic practice is largely inspired by historical research, mythology and local folklore from his hometown Dalian and the surrounding areas in Northeast China. Using with ink on paper and installation as the main media for his artistic expressions to explore and explain a realm of history, myth, and imagination.


    Zhang Wenzhi was considered one of the top graduates from the CAFA class of 2018 and is a highly talented ink painter, an avid researcher of Late Qing Dynasty and early Republic history, and a collector of old documents, artifacts, and specimens. His work has entered the permanent collection of CAFA Art Museum.

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